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Have you taken a pregnancy test recently? After staring anxiously at that little square test window and hoping your suspicions are wrong, the results appeared—POSITIVE.

Fear of the unknown sets in and you’re wondering—NOW WHAT? It’s natural and completely normal for you to have a million thoughts racing through your mind when you think you may be inconveniently pregnant.

Let us empower you in your next steps, give you peace of mind by answering your questions and eliminate your fear by equipping you with everything you’ll need to make an informed decision and establish a plan of action.

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Next Steps

Even though you took a home test and got a positive result, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have a verifiable pregnancy. In order to confirm a viable pregnancy, you will need some additional testing and an exam.

We Offer It Here:

  • Lab-Quality Pregnancy Testing
  • Limited Obstetric Ultrasound by a Licensed Medical Professional

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