Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do I need to make an appointment?

An appointment is not required, but making an appointment will help minimize your wait time.

  1. How long will my visit take?

It depends on what you’re coming in for, but it would be best to allow an hour for your initial visit with an appointment.

  1. What do I need to bring?

All you will need is a photo ID if you have one.

  1. Do I need insurance?

You do not need to have insurance. We provide all of our services at no charge.

  1. Can I bring someone with me?

You are welcome to bring someone with you for support. With your permission, they will be included in certain portions of the appointment, like the ultrasound. There will be times, however, where we will need to speak to you in private – this is strictly for confidentiality.

  1. Can I bring my kids?

It’s encouraged that you provide other arrangements for your children, but we understand that is not always possible. In that case, we welcome children if they are properly supervised.

  1. What are some common pregnancy symptoms?

Some symptoms may include: Missed Period, Swollen/Tender Breasts, Nausea/Morning Sickness, Fatigue/Tiredness, Backaches, Headache, Frequent Urination, Darkening of Nipples, Food Cravings, Slight Bleeding.

  1. How confidential is my information and visit?

We adhere to a strict privacy and confidentiality policy. We will not give out information regarding anyone we provide services for unless directed under the law. We also will not contact you in any way without your consent.

  1. Will I be “preached at” or shown graphic abortion images?

Absolutely not! As a professional pregnancy center, we want to provide information to you on all your options in order for you to make a decision that’s best for you. We do not refer for or perform abortions, but we provide a judgement-free environment for you to discuss your options. We care about your health and safety and want you to be able to make a decision with confidence.

  1. What should I expect during my visit?

It depends on the reason for your visit, but in all initial appointments we will start by gathering your information for our records. Then we can determine which services you need. If you think you might be pregnant, we will administer a pregnancy test. Depending on the results, we can then schedule an ultrasound.

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